Sunday, June 1, 2008

Episode 5 - Bigfoot Recession

We're baaa-ck!

It's the reunion show! Miss us!?

On this scintillating BFS, Scott, Paul, and Brian chew on the following:
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P.S. At one point in this podcast, Brian says "pileated." When you hear that, please substitute it with the words "Ivory Billed." Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Brian, I knew what you meant. ;)

Oh, and is there any chance we might NOT hear about the PGF and Scott's hoax rating in any future show?

Alton Higgins

bipto said...

There is a small chance, but I wouldn't bet on it. You know how he is.

Paul said...

I'd say there is an 87.389% chance that Scott will mention his hoax rating again

Paul V.

RocKiteman said...

For the next show, I was wondering if Paul could talk about how the BF subject is viewed on "the other side of the pond" - in the UK and Europe. Thanks.

-Allan, aka RocKiteman & Kite-Squatch
N.E. North Carolina, USA

In Search Of said...

Love all the BIPcasts and Bigfoot shows! You guys are great..all are natural for radio/podcasting. I just wish that you could do them weekly. By the way,this is Squatchfoot from the BFF or InSearchOf from the chatrooms at Blogtalk. Great job guys..keep em coming PLEEEEEAAAAAASEEEE!

Jennifer said...

I just subscribed on iTunes and have been listening to the shows - you guys are great! I feel like I'm eavesdropping on private telephone conversations. Okay, so the peeing was a little much but, hey, that's what keeps it real, right? Hope you can do more of these.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, no show in a while, where've ya been? I LOVE your show!