Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gloria's kid talks to Scott

Recently, NASA snapped a blobsquatch on Mars and that got Anderson Cooper, diminutive heir to the Gloria Vanderbilt denim fortune and heartthrob anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, cracking wise about how it looked like famous frame 352 from the PGF (or any other image of an upright bipedal figure, but I digress). Erica Hill, journalist hottie and rumored jilted paramour of our very own Scott Herriot, then mentioned she had a "friend" (wink wink) who, if you can believe this, actually believes in bigfoot! No kidding.

So anywho, the next day they brought Scott onto the show for your typical mainstream media thoughtful Q & A on the topic (which means, they belitted his point of view and spoke to him in the kind yet patronizing way one usually uses with a slow 12 year old). You can watch the mayhem here. And no, he never mentions The Bigfoot Show. Thanks for the love, Scott.

Note, the piece is only 3:49 seconds long, but that doesn't mean Cooper couldn't take up 1:50 showing stupid-ass photos that mocked Scott before he could even get his first word out. Hopefully, CNN will have Scott produce a fairer piece on the subject (but I ain't holding my breath).

Monday, January 14, 2008

Recording date set for episode two

We're still trying to line up a guest, but Scott and I will be recording episode two on January 27 (assuming a new national sport isn't invented and in play-offs between now and then). We're looking forward to having Craig Woolheater join us for his BFS debut.

Look for BFS 002 early in the week of 1/28.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Now on iTunes

The Bigfoot Show is now available on iTunes! Subscribe for free by clicking here.