Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gloria's kid talks to Scott

Recently, NASA snapped a blobsquatch on Mars and that got Anderson Cooper, diminutive heir to the Gloria Vanderbilt denim fortune and heartthrob anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, cracking wise about how it looked like famous frame 352 from the PGF (or any other image of an upright bipedal figure, but I digress). Erica Hill, journalist hottie and rumored jilted paramour of our very own Scott Herriot, then mentioned she had a "friend" (wink wink) who, if you can believe this, actually believes in bigfoot! No kidding.

So anywho, the next day they brought Scott onto the show for your typical mainstream media thoughtful Q & A on the topic (which means, they belitted his point of view and spoke to him in the kind yet patronizing way one usually uses with a slow 12 year old). You can watch the mayhem here. And no, he never mentions The Bigfoot Show. Thanks for the love, Scott.

Note, the piece is only 3:49 seconds long, but that doesn't mean Cooper couldn't take up 1:50 showing stupid-ass photos that mocked Scott before he could even get his first word out. Hopefully, CNN will have Scott produce a fairer piece on the subject (but I ain't holding my breath).


Anonymous said...

Anderson and Erica correspond to each other from studios in different cities. Scott was in Atlanta with Erica and it looked very much like Anderson in New York had no idea Erica planned to introduce Scott into things until she surprised him part way through the segment. That would be why Cooper spent time showing Erica pictures his people had made up - he didn't know she had someone to fit in. Once he realized he sobered up and tried to be respectful even though plainly bringing up bigfoot had originally been meant on his end as a joke.

Cooper has been respectful and interested before when doing interviews about UFOs and other widely doubted phenomenon when he was prepared and knew the interview was coming.

bipto said...

I think we're talking about two different things. Yes, I agree, that on the first night (the night he originally showed the image from Mars) he was not expecting Erica to say she knew a guy who looked for bigfoot. I will quibble with saying he was respectful after she said it.

On the second night - the night Scott was on - he burned up a lot of time showing silly pictures instead of talking to his guest. On that night, he absolutely knew the interview was coming as they had recorded it in advance of the show's airing.

ohmah said...

Recommendation: just don't agree to go onto a popular t.v. news show and talk about bigfoot. There's little to be gained from it, and they'll nearly always ridicule you and treat the whole thing as a joke. This is "filler material" for them.

Scott came off better in this than most would have, since he's fairly articulate and actually has a sense of humor about the subject, but the segment was still asinine. Why bother?